Hex Type Thing by Amanda M. Lee

Hex Type Thing (Moonstone Bay #5)

by Amanda M. Lee

4.50 · 14 ratings · Published: 07 Jan 2020

Hex Type Thing by Amanda M. Lee
Hadley Hunter is feeling on top of the world.
She’s embracing her new home on Moonstone Bay and coming into her own as a witch. Her boyfriend Galen Blackwood, who happens to be sheriff, is even involving her in his investigations.
Unfortunately, the peace on Moonstone Bay is about to be threatened.
A local millionaire and a one-hit-wonder songstress are hosting the Skyclad Festival, a paranormal beach extravaganza that features a bevy of famous faces in paranormal circles … and those who want to hobnob with them. There’s only one little problem … .
One of the local influencers, a woman whose only job is to rave about things on the internet, ends up dead. Then, in short order, the organizer himself goes missing. That means Galen is on the case … and Hadley insists on serving as his sidekick.
There are a lot of witches on the island. The question is: Is magic to blame for murder or is something more insidious happening?
It’s going to take everyone working together to find the correct answers – and keep each other safe – as the problem on the beach deteriorates.
Someone has murder on the mind and Hadley is determined to find the culprit. All she has to do is survive long enough to uncover a mystery that has roots in a past long since forgotten … well, and not step on the wrong witchy toes.
The odds of doing both seem long but where there’s a witch, there’s a way.

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