Moscow Mule by Shayne Silvers, Cameron O'Connell

Moscow Mule (The Phantom Queen Diaries #5)

by Shayne Silvers, Cameron O'Connell

4.57 · 14 ratings · Published: 07 Oct 2018

Moscow Mule by Shayne Silvers, Cameron O'Connell
Quinn MacKenna is on the warpath to save her bartender. Bear-tender…whatever.

And it might just break Russia.

In every person’s life there comes a point where well-meaning people mutter empty Hallmark Card platitudes like “it’s all downhill from here,” or “the only way to go now is up.”

For Quinn, black magic arms dealer and potential Fae royalty, that time is now.

Fresh after the death of her sole caretaker at the hands of a once-trusted ally, Quinn must forge new alliances and rekindle old friendships if she’s going to recover and find her place in the world.

She just didn’t know step one would take her straight to Moscow…and into the ever-pleasant, rolling hills of Siberia. But there's one thing an Irish gal simply cannot do...leave her bartender behind. Even if it means squaring off against ex-special forces shifter bears.

The newest antihero in the Worldwide Bestselling Temple Verse by Shayne Silvers. Join Cameron O’Connell and Shayne at the literary bar to sip a dirty cocktail of feisty Irish brogue – with an unhealthy splash of monsters – TODAY!

If you like KF Breene, Shannon Mayer, CN Crawford, Ilona Andrews, Faith Hunter, or Patricia Briggs, you will LOVE the FIFTH installment of the Phantom Queen Diaries.

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