Old Fashioned by Shayne Silvers, Cameron O'Connell

Old Fashioned (The Phantom Queen Diaries #3)

by Shayne Silvers, Cameron O'Connell

4.50 · 14 ratings · Published: 26 Jun 2018

Old Fashioned by Shayne Silvers, Cameron O'Connell
***Welcome to Boston, where all your nightmares come to life… To the tune of a Christmas jingle.***

Quinn MacKenna learns that the cure for a blinding hangover is simple…

Stay in bed, and whatever you do, don’t answer your freaking door.

Otherwise, you might find yourself roped into a murder investigation with a psychopath attempting to rewrite the Twelve Days of Christmas as a holiday homicide special, asked to rescue a former international spy, forced to dodge bullets with a Valkyrie, or to take on a power-hungry Fae intent on freezing everything he touches.

Hypothetically speaking.

In hindsight, snorting crushed aspirin in a dingy alley would have been the wiser choice…

Especially when Quinn learns the only way to find the answers she seeks is by... sampling some magically-infused, hallucinogenic flowers. And that someone is waiting for her on the other side of her out-of-body experience.

And they've been waiting a very long time...TURN…

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