Top new sci-fi books in November 2022

Last updated: September 25, 2022

November 2022 featuring new releases by Amy Tintera, Everina Maxwell, Linden A. Lewis, Gwendolyn Clare, Emery Robin, Mykel Giese, K.M. Watts and many more.

  • The Q by Amy Tintera

    The Q by Amy Tintera

    In this action-packed adventure from a New York Times bestselling author, two teenagers from opposite worlds must fight their way through a vast walled quarantine zone in a dystopian America toward their only chance for survival.Seventeen-year-old Maisie Rojas has spent her entire life in the Q—a post-pandemic quarantine zone that was once Austin, Texas...
  • Ocean's Echo by Everina Maxwell

    Ocean's Echo by Everina Maxwell

    Ocean’s Echo is a stand-alone, romantic space adventure, set in the same universe as Everina Maxwell's hit debut, Winter's Orbit.When Tennal—a rich socialite, inveterate flirt, and walking disaster—is caught using his telepathic powers for illegal activities, the military decides to bind his mind to someone whose coercive powers are strong enough to control him...
  • The Last Hero by Linden A. Lewis

    The Last Hero by Linden A. Lewis

    The flame of rebellion burns across the solar system in this dazzling conclusion to Linden A. Lewis’s stunning First Sister trilogy perfect for fans of Red Rising, The Handmaid’s Tale, and The Expanse. Astrid is finally free of the Sisterhood, yet her name carries on. She’s called the Unchained by those she’s inspired and the Heretic by those who want her voiceless once more...
  • In the City of Time by Gwendolyn Clare

    In the City of Time by Gwendolyn Clare

    From the author of the highly acclaimed Ink, Iron, and Glass series, this YA duology sends three science prodigies on a time-traveling adventure to save the Earth—if they don’t accidentally destroy it first—in Gwendolyn Clare's In the City of Time.In 1891, Willa Marconi's life falls apart when her mentor at the University of Bologna unexpectedly dies...
  • The Stars Undying by Emery Robin

    The Stars Undying by Emery Robin

    A spectacular space opera debut perfect for readers of Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice and Arkady Martine's A Memory Called Empire, inspired by the lives and loves of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar.Princess Altagracia has lost everything...
  • Kinders: The Dawn of Thorns by Mykel Giese

    Kinders: The Dawn of Thorns by Mykel Giese

    In the year 2149, everyone has secrets, and most of them are deadly.Simond, a telekinetic Kinder living in Moscow, has led a relatively quiet existence given his circumstances. Having been born to a Normal family, things have never been perfect, but life in the Kinder Detection Department’s Protection Program is far preferable to the alternatives: a life spent on the run, or death...
  • Born Andromeda by K.M. Watts

    Born Andromeda by K.M. Watts

    Born Andromeda, the action-packed YA debut from K.M. Watts, is perfect for fans of Aurora Rising, Daughter of the Pirate King, and Crown Chasers. Being eighteen is difficult, especially when you’re a cyborg and heir to the entire kingdom of the Moon. Disillusioned with royal life, Princess Andromeda dreams of nothing but freedom and adventure outside the protective dome of royalty...