Spellcraft and Sorcery by Sara Bourgeois

Spellcraft and Sorcery (What the Cat Dragged In Cozy Mysteries #3)

by Sara Bourgeois

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: 18 Oct 2022

Spellcraft and Sorcery by Sara Bourgeois
Conflict, Oregon’s newest golf course plans are ruined by a land claim, and the shocking response is the shooting of a squatter with rights to the city’s land--with an arrow. Movers and shakers of Conflict, golfers all, are at the scene. So is a reluctant Lilith Sharpe: witch, detective, tattoo artist, and golf-hater.

Even as the city officials maneuver to obscure the investigation, the squatter’s attorney ends up dead in a similar way. This time, in the heart of the power brokers’ turf—Conflict’s country club.

While politicos scramble to shield themselves from scrutiny, working girls are going missing from the city’s notorious Theater District. Lil and her apprentice, Jen, uncover a secret organization that might be involved. But how do missing escorts, a murdered attorney, and an underground militia group possibly tie together?

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