The Ashes of Pompeii by Sam Sisavath

The Ashes of Pompeii (Purge of Babylon #5)

by Sam Sisavath

4.43 · 14 ratings · Published: 28 Feb 2015

The Ashes of Pompeii by Sam Sisavath

The only way to survive in a post-Purge world is to keep your head down, but that's not always an option.

Still stranded in the Louisiana countryside, Will, Danny, and Gaby race against the clock to get back to their friends, but the road home is treacherous and enemies lie in wait.

Meanwhile, Lara and the survivors at Song Island continue preparations for an inevitable attack. But what does a third-year medical student know about fending off a full-frontal assault?

As enemies close in on all sides, Will and Lara will be faced with life-and-death decisions. The lives of their friends--and possibly the future of humanity--will rest on the choices they make.

A year after The Purge, the Gates have held, the Stones have crumbled, and the Fires have burned, but now the Ashes will consume...

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