The Swordsheath Scroll by Dan Parkinson

The Swordsheath Scroll (Dragonlance: Dwarven Nations #3)

by Dan Parkinson

3.86 · 14 ratings · Published: 21 Dec 1993

The Swordsheath Scroll by Dan Parkinson
Despite the stubborn courage of dwarven warriors, the protracted Wilderness War ends as a no-win. The Swordsheath Scroll is signed, and Thorbardin shows its support of the open-minded Qualinesti elves by joining in the construction of magnificent Pax Tharkas.

A new leader emerges from their midst, Derkin, the King of Living Stone, whose bravery and wisdom is written in dwarven annals, and whose name becomes the "throne name" of all future dwarven kings.

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