Red Moon Demon by Morgan Blayde

Red Moon Demon (Demon Lord #1)

by Morgan Blayde

3.86 · 14 ratings · Published: 01 Jul 2012

Red Moon Demon by Morgan Blayde
Because sometimes you have to fight fire with hellfire, there's Caine Deathwalker: raised as a demon, armed like a gun merchant, and fuelled by booze. Nice is a dirty word and killing is what he does best. Make a contract with hell, and he could be on your side, God help you. Caine signs onto guarding the beautiful daughter of a leading Japanese industrialist. Protecting is harder than indiscriminate murder and mayhem, but gold is gold, and the prize of a mystic demon sword is dangled over his head as added incentive. Haruka will make an interesting bonus if he can get her out of her kimono-and the damn living zombies will leave them alone long enough for him to bang her. A powerful succubus is playing cat to Caine's mouse, but he has a cat of his own; a black leopard spirit beast from the Amazon jungle that's taken a liking to him-and his booze. And then there's his "father," an ancient Atlantean demon with a code of honor. Formidable back-up, but Caine senses a greater threat lurking in the shadows, something primal, hungry, and possibly more evil than himself. He shakes his head. Nah, couldn't be. This book is intended for mature audiences.

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