Suddenly a Bride by Ruth Ann Nordin

Suddenly a Bride (Across the Stars #1)

by Ruth Ann Nordin

3.57 · 14 ratings · Published: 21 Jun 2011

Suddenly a Bride by Ruth Ann Nordin
Rilo An comes from a world where there are no women. What he longs for is a life mate: someone who'll complete him, someone he can love who’ll love him back, someone who’ll ease the aching loneliness that haunts his life. So he leaves his world, takes on the Earth name Chris West, and makes a payment to Star Systems Unlimited for a life mate.

When he bonds with Caitlyn Davis, he thinks life can't get any better. But she was married before, and memories of her deceased husband still linger around her home. Will he find a place in her heart or will he have to become like her first husband in order to get her love?

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